myLibrary v1.0.1 – Books Library Management System

myLibrary is a Library management system (LMS) php script to Manage books, clients, rentals and sales of library. myLibrary script is single page application (SPA) that allows you to easily manage your library activity. It allows you to manage books, clients and rentals all on same page. The interface is 100% responsive and can be used from any device. You can use it on your hosting or offline on your localhost server, there are’t any dependency from external sources!

Library management script

Login system
Track books and clients activity
Lightweight scripts
CRUD interface
Responsive interface
Translatable interface
XSS, CSRF protections

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      Last Update: 11/12/2016
      Seller: CodeCanyon
      Released on: January 10, 2017
      License Cost: 19
      Envato Sales: 6
      Application: Books & Library Management
      Compatible with:PHP 7.x, 5.6
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Version 1.0.1

- Interface improvements
- Register rental only if new
- Added sales feature
- Fixed a bug with ISBN code
- Fixed views not updating after data syncing
- Fixed client-side save even if validations fail
- Fixed session errors showing on logout

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