Karenderia Mobile App v2.0

Karenderia Mobile App is a customer ordering mobile version for Karenderia Multiple Restaurant Script. Karenderia mobile app connects to KRMS via json api calls just simply install the modules for the api and settings and your all done. its comes with very easy steps by steps procedure on how to install the api & settings modules.

Download Karenderia Mobile App v2.0

      Last Update: 28/06/2017
      Seller: CodeCanyon
      Released on: July 9, 2017
      License Cost: 23
      Envato Sales: 1211
      Application: Restaurant & Cooking
      Category:Apps Source
      Compatible with:Android 4.2.x - Android 6.0, iOS 6.0 - iOS 9.0.x
      Customer Rating:

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Updated --- Karenderia Mobile App v2.0

fixed - search to wildcard conditions
fixed - category name stripslashes
fixed - distance unit not clearing old distance unin in search results
fixed - re-order not working if save cart to database is on
fixed - can re-order if the merchant close store is enabled
fixed - cannot re-order if merchant disabled ordering
fixed - re-order should not work if merchant status is not active
fixed - cannot re-order if order is place in web show error message
fixed - customer can re-order even if merchant disabled ordering
fixed - remove changes address if transaction type is pickup/dinein in cart page
fixed - browse restaurant search by restaurant name use wildcard query
fixed - browse and search page to display service type and payment options
fixed - filter by services
fixed - transaction type not null when first load of cart
fixed - remove change address here if transaction is pickup/dinein
fixed - tips
fixed - 2 flavor not adding addon items
fixed - increase +and- button icon
fixed - offline bank deposit instructions
fixed - fax not sending
fixed - can re-order if merchant is not published
fixed - booking table not saving client_id
new - use new templating functions
new - add loading page before the app goes to main menu
new - add force Default Language in mobileapp backend settings
new - use new translation method in mobileapp and backend
new - add new options for Get Current location results
new - add software version in page settings

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